Who are we

Future Champs gGmbH

Future Champs gGmbH was launched by Scholarbook.

With the founding of our gGmbH, we have made it our mission to help athletes make the leap to better training conditions and first-class education in the USA. While it is rarely a problem for athletes in Central Europe to pay for this process, many highly talented athletes from developing countries do not have these necessary financial resources. We want to solve this problem, thus living up to our social responsibility as a company and making our contribution to more global social justice!


Our mission

We help talent from less privileged backgrounds (especially Africa) to study and train in college athletics in the United States.

We are concerned with supporting young people who cannot afford the cost of a placement fee, nor the expense of visas and other external fees. Funding for the studies and the stay itself is provided by scholarships from the U.S. universities.

Scholarbook provides its extensive expertise / know-how and the network of trainers, professors and alumni built up over the years free of charge. In addition, we raise funds to cover student-athletes’ support during the application process as well as external fees incurred (visa, NCAA fee).


We want to offer exceptionally talented young people from developing countries, both athletically and academically, the same prospects that young athletes in Europe and the USA often take for granted. Our primary goal is to even out the inequalities that result from social background. We want to ensure that the chances of sporting and professional success are based primarily on talent, inner attitude, and personal performance.


Before you donate, you rightly want to know what happens to your donations. Transparency is also a major concern for us! See for yourself in our annual report (to be made available in early 2024) that we handle the funds entrusted to us responsibly and that every donation is used for a specific purpose.

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