How do we help?

We assist athletes in overcoming these structural barriers. After careful consideration, we offer references regarding their athletic performance. By using our platform, we give them the chance to present themselves and make their success visible. In addition, we provide them with our extensive knowledge and profound network.

At Scholarbook, we place a high value on fairness: Because of this, we also promise to provide our athletes from developing nations with the best scholarship opportunity available. In addition to supporting them financially we help overcome structural barriers. With our expertise, we assist them with language tests, preparation for the application process, and evaluations.

It is a matter of heart for us to find the best university for our athletes. Nevertheless, we care especially about the human “behind” the athletes. Their personal development and well-being are our focus. This is why the emotional connection is a crucial pillar of our collaboration.

We want to establish ourselves as a trustworthy partner who closely works with the athletes to help them achieve their goals. However, our commitment goes far beyond sports: we provide chances to develop not only in athletics but also personally and academically. We therefore invest substantially in the future of young talents!

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