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Highly talented athletes from Kenya and Nigeria have the opportunity to study at prestigious American universities with full scholarships and financial support.


Problems in the countries

The average monthly income in Nigeria is €50. The cost of living in Nigeria for rent, food and mobility, for example, is around €30 per month. In comparison: The cost of the US visa and registration with the NCAA is about €1000. The cost for the outbound flight to the USA is about 2000 €.

In total, the application costs for a stay in the USA add up to approximately €5,000, which is equivalent to about 250 monthly salaries. This is not affordable for an average family in Nigeria.


Our work

We recognize that financial barriers often prevent young talent from developing countries from reaching their full potential. That’s why we take over the placement fees for these athletes in the value of 6000€ to 10,000€, which normally have to be paid by the athletes themselves.
This opens up an opportunity for athletes that would not otherwise be available to them.

By underwriting the cost of our labor and investing in developing countries, we give talented young people access to better education and training opportunities without paying a dime.

Because that’s what Scholarbook is, too: For us, it is important not only to measure our success by numbers, data and facts, but also to make a concrete contribution to corporate social responsibility.

Our way of working shows that a company should not only focus on profit maximization, but also bear a responsibility for society. We are proud to support athletes and give them a better future.


The University of Alabama offers comprehensive athletics scholarships for male and female athletes. The following figures also show how much money universities like these have at their disposal.

A University of Alabama scholarship is a sign of opportunity and paves the way for athletes to achieve their dream.




Thanks to the Future Champ Program, more than 100 athletes have already been able to study in the USA on sports scholarships and develop their athletic and academic potential there. Read here what has changed in the lives of the athletes since they left for America and how these young people have developed so far.



The war in Ukraine has caused severe damage to sports facilities and Ukrainian athletes have been forced to take a back seat to sports.
The Ministry of Youth and Sports’ budget for 2023 had to be cut in half to fund war spending. This has led to a reduction in the federation’s funding, which in turn has affected the competition preparation of athletes at lower levels.
However, the U.S. college athletic system can help these athletes by providing scholarships for domestic and international athletes. The athletic scholarship covers expenses for tuition and living expenses including housing, food and insurance.

Sports facilities destroyed

Athletes died in the war

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