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Highly talented athletes from Kenya and Nigeria have the opportunity to study at prestigious American universities with full scholarships and financial support.


Being an athlete in Africa

Being an athlete in Africa bears numerous challenges. One of the main problems is the stadiums’ poor infrastructure including inadequate sanitary facilities. Proper tracks are the absolute exception. In Kenya, for instance, there is only one stadium with a tartan track. As a result, a large number of athletes only practice on cinder tracks, which often are in extremely bad condition.

Have a look at the challenges young athletes from Nigeria have to cope with.

Value of a scholarship

A scholarship from a U.S. university is the basis for a successful athletic and academic career.
A good example of this outstanding success was the World Athletics Championships in Eugene in 2022. Many of the medalists were either active or former student-athletes at an American college. Hence, studying in the US can be the first important step to become part of the world elite.



Structural barriers

There are much bigger problems for athletes in Africa than just infrastructural ones. To name one of them, at many US universities language tests are mandatory even though English is the official language of Nigeria.

Another serious issue are the fees for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), as well as visa costs.


How do we help?

We assist athletes in overcoming these structural barriers. After careful consideration, we offer references regarding their athletic performance. By using our platform, we give them the chance to present themselves and make their success visible. In addition, we provide them with our extensive knowledge and profound network.

At Scholarbook, we pay special attention to fairness: that’s why our athletes from developing countries are cared for in the same way as our regular paying applicants.

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